April Showers Bring May Flowers

So… the original puppy we were supposed to get didn’t work out, which plunged me down the dark path of ‘I am sad and deserve pizza and not the keto kind’ for a week, maybe two?

It was hard to get back on track.

But we’ve been back on track for about two weeks now, and going strong again. I’m mostly putting this up because a friend was curious about keto, and I told her I’d love to share some of my favorite recipes!

This week, we’re doing some of our favorites; not all, because I’m lazy. I’m also trying new things because I’m addicted to trying new recipes.

Non-Dinner Cooking:

Week’s plan:

Grocery list below the cut.

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Budget Keto!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, we’re still going strong on keto, but I sort of ran low on motivation to take pictures of my food and make commentary on the recipes/keto in general; however, this week I am feeling ridiculously smug about what I’ve done and why, so, why not share?

NEWS TIME! We’re getting a puppy!!

She’s a tricolor pembroke welsh corgi, and she’ll be eight weeks old on March 22nd; I’m going to be trying to do overtime and busting my ass to save money in as many ways as I can.

Which means no eating out for either of us – hard enough on a keto diet anyway, but RJ usually has chicken strips from the fast food place for lunch, and it adds up quickly.

So I trimmed down my recipe list to ‘things that are inexpensive to cook’ and we’ve got a great week planned out meal-wise, and I did the grocery shopping last night –

Instead of buying pre-cut chicken tenders, I went for the cheapo whole chicken breasts. FOUR PACKAGES. Huge chicken boobies to slice into tenders. Instead of buying ham lunch meat for the recipes I’ve got, I found ham steaks on sale cause they were about to expire – 3.50 each!! For like, 2 pounds of meat? What a steal!

I managed to do my weekly grocery shopping for $100 – including all the chicken I need to make RJ 5 chicken tender lunches, AND four two liters of diet mountain dew and three six packs of diet coke, which are going to be luxuries in the weeks to come.

When I got home, RJ had cleaned the kitchen and the fridge, and we put everything away:

I prepped the ham last night – trimmed the weird mooshy party by the bone, trimmed the parts that were just fat, cut into cubes for the Ham and ‘Potato’ Casserole, cut into strips for the other one I have, and froze the results so it won’t go bad before I can use them.

I also made Tikka Masala paste! First time with that recipe, I hope it comes out good, I divided the batch into four portions, labeled and froze it in little baggies.

And today….

Today, I have done Fucking Well.

I took the four packages of boneless skinless chicken breasts and cut most of them into strips for chicken strips; I reserved four for the Hasselback Chicken with Ham and Smoked Cheese, I scored them with a knife and then dressed them with salt, pepper, and mustard. Then I froze them flat so I could put them in a bag without having them be all smooshed frozen together.

I seasoned all the chicken strip cuts, pulling aside pieces that weren’t good for chicken strips and cutting them into chunks for tonight’s dinner, Tikka Masala over cauliflower rice. I went ahead and got them marinating with the paste and yogurt, too, so they should be full of flavor when I make dinner.

I started frying up the chicken tenders after they’d soaked in their seasoning for a bit, and while I did that, I also worked on Egg Muffins (with a little bit of ham I stole from my ham steaks instead of sausage) Pictured below – Egg muffins and sausage biscuits in the same tupperware, the sausage biscuits are more brown, the egg muffins more poofy and eggy!

Still frying chicken strips (that man loves his chicken strips, he can and will eat them every day) I also started my Italian Ricotta Lemon Cake, which I’ll divvy up to satisfy my sweet tooth for the week to come!

I had four bags of chicken strips, which I weighed to half a pound per bag, so I decided the batch frying would be the last batch so that I don’t end up with more than five bags of chicken strips – but I still had some left over in the seasoning bowl! (I ended up with six bags total)

SO, I took those, I’ve got them laying flat on a tray freezing before I put them in a baggie to thaw and cook next week, and save myself a bit of time/effort/money re: amount of chicken strips I need to prepare for cooking!

My shoulders really hurt.

I am a goddess and I have done so well today!

Non-Dinner Cooking:

Week’s plan:

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
    • Breakfast Bowls
      • Cauliflower ‘Grits’
        • This is just cauliflower mash with a different consistency; usually uses only butter and cream, no cream cheese, some shredded cheese
      • Eggs
      • Sausages (we have some smoky andouille in the fridge!)
      • Whatever toppings! (I usually do sour cream and salsa)
  • Thursday
    • Green Chicken Casserole
      • At this point the recipe only slightly resembles the original; we use chopped, poached chicken thighs in chunks instead of shredded, cauliflower rice instead of cauliflower chunks, we add taco seasoning and a fistful of jalapenos, and waaay more green salsa than the original recipe calls for. This remains one of our favorite meals, and a definite standby!
  • Friday
    • Baked Chicken Thighs
      • Spiced however I feel like it
    • Steamed Broccoli
  • Saturday
    • Lasagna Stuffed Spaghetti Squash
      • This recipe, you guys. Holyyyy cow. It is TO DIE for. A little less budget than other recipes on here, but not too bad – and SO good.

Grocery list below the cut.

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Post Thanksgiving

Wowwww Thanksgiving was awesome!

The low-carb options came out phenomenal, though I’ll admit that the broccoli and deviled eggs didn’t make it to our spread; the non-low-carb options were ALSO phenomenal, which is unfortunate for my ‘being in ketosis’.

Thanksgiving’s planned ‘cheat’ lasted a bit longer than intended, as we definitely got too many potatoes, and … RJ left me high and dry, saying he didn’t really like regular mashed potatoes anymore and would have preferred caulimash. Are you kidding me?? That’s incredible, but that meant all the potatoes went into me instead of being split. I should’ve gone ahead and purged them the night of, but they were sooo good.

The turkey was AWESOME. I made RJ do it, when he told me he’d never actually cleaned out the turkey before. I realized that I’ve always been the one to handle turkey things, so I made him do each part so that he could have that experience – though I was happy to keep him company and help chop the stuff that went in the hole and mix the herbed butter. The recipe called for an entire bottle of champagne poured over/into it, which was interesting? I liked the resulting gravy, he did not. We’ll omit that part next time, I hate opening champagne anyway, it scares the bejeezus out’ve me.

Like a schlub, I didn’t take any pictures of the spread, but I do have some pictures of my cranberry sauce, which came out SO good and was gorgeous to take pictures of!!

This week’s plan makes liberal use of Thanksgiving leftovers, nothing super adventurous, unfortunately. I did discover a new kind of Keto bread I’d like to try, though – I ordered a muffin top pan to use. Once it comes in, if I’m up to it, I’ll give it a go. 🙂

All that said, here’s the plan for this week!

Non-Dinner Cooking:

Week’s plan:

  • Sunday
  • Monday
    • Leftover Roast from last week
    • Fried Eggs
    • Cauliflower Grits
      • Basically cauliflower mash but less cream cheese, rougher consistency
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
    • RJ’s going to surprise us
    • If he’s too tired for whatever reason, we have sausage nuggets in the freezer
  • Thursday
    • RJ’s Chicken Tenders
      • Spiced and then pan-fried in coconut oil
  • Friday
  • Saturday
    • Office Christmas Party
      • This is a super fancy occasion and we’re going to eat carbs; it sucks that it’s so close to Thanksgiving, but I LOVE trying new things, I know right now that if I am not ‘allowed’ to eat the very fancy food I will be resentful. Keto is our lifestyle, not a prison.


The week before last, the election had me spooked; I may or may not have broken Ketosis again to drink an entire bottle of wine, eat pizza, and cry.

With that being said, I’m not going to allow politics to dictate my personal goals, and last week I had my lovely Fiance create the meal plan; he never actually sent it to me, I kept having to ask him what we were doing, but it was nice to take the week off and just do the grocery shopping instead of the planning!

This week, we are on target, and Thanksgiving is coming; technically we’re going to treat Thanksgiving as a Cheat Day, but due to leftovers, I’m trying to keep most of our meal keto-friendly so we can enjoy Thanksgiving over and over again in the week to come. 🙂

That done, let me show you the cooking I’ve done today in preparation!


You are looking at several hours worth of food preparation for the week.

  • 1 recipe low-carb Cranberry Sauce (run through a food mill to make it smooth)
  • 2 Flats of Chicken Tenders, spiced and fried in coconut oil (6 strips per bag, 1 bag per lunch for Fiance)
  • 2 Recipes Worth of Sausage Biscuits; one recipes worth shaped as biscuits for a quick, on-the-go lunch, the other shaped as nuggets, enough for 5 individual dinners, portioned into three bags for quick, freezable ‘Convenience Food’
  • 3 Baguettes to leave out to dry to make keto-friendly stuffing for thanksgiving!

And with that being said, here’s our Thanksgiving Plan, divided into Keto and Non-Keto sections:

  • Turkey; probably loosely based off of this recipe
  • Stuffing; per my mom’s general directions, involves bacon/mushrooms/onions/celery, using the keto loaves pictures above!
  • Gravy; more or less ad-libbed like the stuffing, probably involves turkey-leavings, butter, cream, maybe some guar gum and extra chicken stock?
  • Deviled Eggs; probably with mayo, mustard, and a little sweet relish. More or less keto friendly, the relish has some carbs but not that many, and not much is used.
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Steamed Broccoli
  • Mulled Wine
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Lemon Cloud Pie

For the non-keto stuff, we’re doing:

  • Mashed Potatoes; easily replaced by cauliflower mash, but we haven’t had the Real Deal in a long time now.
  •  RJ’s Cornbread Stuffing, involving a pan of cornbread with hard boiled eggs and some other things; I think this could be made keto with a Keto Cornbread Recipe, but RJ would like to stick to traditional here.
  • Dinner Rolls; frozen to bake fresh, NOT keto! I could go to the hassle of doing Keto-friendly dinner rolls, but… eh.
  • Pecan Pie; made straight from the Karo Syrup bottle, per RJ’s preferences. There are TONS of keto-friendly Pecan Pie recipes I could use, but he really wanted regular, so we’re doing regular!

The rest of the week is Business As Usual, with some of our steady stand-bys, and for tonight’s meal, something new!



On Track for November

So last week wasn’t great, not gonna lie.

I got a haircut on Saturday, which makes me feel AMAZINGLY pretty, and I was Too Cute to eat at home, so we went out to eat at a steakhouse … where it went downhill.

They gave us bread in a basket. It was made in house. My will… she is weak…

Still, the bread and steak and french fries were all I ate for the omgsocuteentire day, so — the way I’ve eaten has changed drastically, that’s for sure!

Then on Sunday, I was like, ‘well I’m not in ketosis MIGHT AS WELL’ and bad choices were made, including a sandwich with bread (sob) and pancakes with hot cocoa and eggs and bacon. That being said, those are, again, the only things I ate that day – and I got a good workout going to a haunted forest trail and having the bejeezus scared out of me, so I’ll still call it a win.

Been back on track for this week, though my Plan didn’t get uploaded here largely because I wrote it up, and then I lost it before we even got to the grocery shopping! Meals have been ad-libbed, but – well, we’ve got a pretty great repertoire of easy-to-make keto meals, and lots of good stuff on hand in general, so though we’ve visited the grocery store almost daily (sigh) we’re doing good.

That being said, I’m back on track now, and more inspired than ever; I read an article about what to do to get back on track after ‘cheating’ on keto, and one point that really stuck out to me was ‘eat a salad for breakfast’.

Now, mind, in the context of the article, it meant the day after cheating – which I actually ended up doing on Monday, because we had salad greens and I like salad – but this lead me to give some thought to what I’m doing for breakfasts.

Usually, I fry up between two or three eggs, and if I’m not too lazy, a strip or two of bacon; barring that, I eat almonds or leftovers. After Halloween, we had a shitload of sugar free candy (HOORAY FOR SUGAR ALCOHOL) and I’ve been eating that too, which isn’t a great habit, according to my gaseous innards.

But I really do enjoy a nice salad, and I always feel good about myself when I eat a big plate of vegetables, so – why not set myself up with a ‘salad bar’ option for breakfast this coming week for brunch? As long as I can pack in some fat and protein, it should set me up to do the day right, and increasing my vegetable intake is a positive!

Fiance has also been doing some thinking; he usually gets chicken strips from Royal Farms, which, supposedly, only have 2g net carbs per strip — this doesn’t seem right, but that’s what the nutrition data says, and he loves his chicken strips and is losing more weight than I am, so I guess he’s still in ketosis!

However, it’s expensive, and it’s mostly a convenience thing. So my thought was, why don’t we just make our own favorite pan-seared chicken strips, and have him bring those to work instead? He likes them better, he feels less bad about eating them, and it’s less expensive. Seem like a whole lot of win to me.

So! I’ve got some tasks ahead of me on Sunday!

Throughout the Week:

  • Chicken Tenders for RJ
  • Breakfast Salads for Lara
    • Base of Spring Mix
    • Primary proteins for the salad include:
      • Chopped Hard Boiled Eggs
      • Chopped Lunch Meat
      • Pan-seared Steak Chunks
    • Other Additions:
      • Avocado
      • Jalapenos
      • Olives
      • Mushrooms
      • Blue Cheese
      • Feta
      • Shredded cheese?
    • Topped with:

And on to the Actual meal plan –

Grocery list below the cut.

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This last week was pretty exhausting. I don’t have any pretty photos, and I have to confess – we had pizza, regular pizza, on Friday night.

But it’s a lifestyle, not a diet. Keep calm, and keto on. A slip doesn’t mean we’re lost – just have to get back into ketosis.

This week, we’re going simple and classic, food that we love that’s easy to prepare. Nothing terribly exciting or new to try here, but it should get us back on track. I may make some egg muffins or pumpkin cheesecakes to snack on.

With that being said, here’s this week’s plan:

  • Sunday
    • Pork Chops
      • Seasoned with ‘I haven’t decided yet’ but I’m sure our spice rack will recommend something to me.
    • Cauliflower Mash
    • Steamed Broccoli
  • Monday
    • Burrito Omelettes
      • Leftover taco meat
      • Sour cream
      • Maybe some fajita peppers and onions?
      • Salsa
      • Guacamole!
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
    • Breakfast for Dinner
      • Cauliflower Grits
      • Eggs
      • Bacon
      • Carbquik Waffles
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

Grocery list below the cut.

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Backdating again; I’ve had a hard time keeping up with these posts lately! Fallen a bit out of routine, so to speak.

Grocery list below the cut.

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