Keto Adapted

I swear to glob if the fiance got me sick with whatever crud is going around his office, I am going to … be really miserable this upcoming week?

Cause we are down sooo many people this week, and it’s up to me to cover.

I am really lightheaded and overheated, but it might be because I haven’t eaten food today and I just scrubbed a buncha stuff.

BUT I opened this thing so I could brag about doing Basic Adult Life Functions like a real grownup. At the age of twenty eight, I have done the thing this week, and I am proud.

I cleaned the kitchen, did all the dishes, haven’t picked up the floor or reordered the back counter but whatever I even emptied out all the gross stuff from the fridge.

Well no

Most of the gross stuff from the fridge

Like 90% of the gross stuff from the fridge

That’s a BIG DAMN DEAL okay that AND doing the dishes/cleaning most of the rest of it all in one day just because it was bugging me??

I am a GOD

Also I PUT TOGETHER A MEAL PLAN FOR THE WEEK and then made RJ go grocery shopping with me and – got the stuff for the list??

I’ve always -wanted- to be the sort of organized person who does that, but it’s always been so hard to do it; there’s too many options, and like, idk, I’m never motivated enough

But being on keto diet means that diet choices suddenly get a hell of a lot simpler, because there are nowhere near as many options. And I mean, sure, that sucks – but it’s also kind of a relief?

And what’s cool is that I can set up this meal plan and because fiance’s new favorite food ever is cauli-mash, I can arrange for us to have TWO SERVINGS OF VEGETABLES EACH DINNER?

And doing the keto/soylent breakfast/lunch meal means that we consume way fewer calories during the day, because we have one ketochow shake and it tends to keep you full, if not like – satisfied. (I still want to EAT food when I eat, you know?) But then, supplement it with a handful of almonds or some celery and sunbutter or a little bit of jerky or a hard boiled egg and you’re good until dinner, which can then be a really nice affair!

Look at this:

Monday – Creamed spinach, <protein>, Cauli Mash

Tuesday – Asparagus, <protein>, Cauli mash

Wednesday – Omelettes, Fajita Veggies, Cauli Mash

Thursday – Broccoli, <protein>, Cauli Mash

Friday – Pizza Night

Saturday – Wings, salad (takeout!)

Sunday – Keto Chili, Broccoli

It’s so simple, so elegant – and honestly, the days are interchangeable, so say I don’t feel like putting on the production that is making creamed spinach on Monday? (I’ve never made it or eaten it before, IDK how that’s gonna go) I could sub out asparagus.

Plus I got tons of eggs and bacon and salad greens and extra broccoli/cauliflower….

When we went grocery shopping yesterday, OUR CART WAS SO FILLED WITH VEGETABLES. I have -always- wanted to be the sort of person who ate loads of vegetables, but with RJ not being fond of them, I have struggled to find a way to do this such that he’ll eat them.

But if you take away carbs and starches, suddenly he’ll eat them. Muahahahahaha.

OH and regarding pizza night –

ANG, THAT PIZZA CRUST RECIPE YOU LINKED IS FREAKING AMAZEBALLS. I did the higher almond flour one, but I’ll try the psyllium husk one next, it was AWESOME, SOOOO good. Pizza is RJ’s favorite food, so the ability to make a really tasty keto pizza is AMAZING.

I think it helped that I followed the recipe’s advice about cooking both sides, though after I piled on the toppings, I left it in too long and some of the edges were really burnt. But it was just the edges.

The first -month-, up until cheat day exactly a week ago, my carb cravings were off the chart; I despaired, because I never stopped longing for THEM CARBS. But after ‘cheat day’, I realized – the carbs I’d been pining for were … tasty, sure? But it was -just food-. And the food I was eating regularly was really good, and by eating extremely low-carb, I wasn’t actually ‘missing out’ on anything that I needed.

I’m also not freaking out about ‘IS IT WORKING???’ as much anymore, because the first month, the amount of willpower it took to NOT eat the stuff I wanted to eat was almost overpowering – with how much effort I was putting in, IT DAMN WELL BETTER BE WORKING, was my thought process.

Now, I’m used to it. I know I feel better, I’m eating WAY more vegetables, we’re not eating out all the time, and it feels like our diet is much higher quality. I’m not constantly hungry, so it doesn’t even feel like dieting. It’s such a weight off me, to realize this is a sustainable life change.

My face looks thinner, and I can’t really tell, but fiance assures me I am shrinking. It’s easier for me to tell it’s working, by looking at him – he is very noticeably losing weight, after just five weeks.

So, yeah. I am pretty excited. I feel like a real adult who doesn’t eat trash. It’s a strange and gratifying feeling! And there’s even ways to eat ‘out’, like Saturday Wing Day – it means we don’t have to cook. We can also get burgers without the bun, and my big ‘treat’ is what I ordered today – a Jimmy Johns unwich wrapped in lettuce. (I don’t know why, but I freakin’ love these things.)

Anyway. Time to go shower and lay down


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