Meal Plan 6/4-6/10

Didn’t meal plan last week, felt unhappy about it, doing it this week; we really only eat two meals, and snacks.

We have one serving of ketochow for breakfast/lunch, and then we have a big dinner; I often munch a handful of almonds throughout the day, and we also have awesome low carb beef jerky and cheese and vegetables for snacking.

On Saturdays, we skip ketochow and have eggs/whatever meat and pancakes for brunch, though that didn’t happen today – today I just ate some almonds and mini pepperonis from pizza night, though I’m still hungry, so I’ll probably cook up an egg or two and call it good. On Sundays, I skip ketochow and get an Unwich from Jimmy Johns – SO good, and super low carb! It’s basically a portable salad with meat and cheese, and it’s my favorite thing.

I also have two jars of keto cheesecake fluff whipped up in the fridge for when I get a hankering for something sweet, and diet soda is fully permissible as far as we go – I know it’s not SUPER AWESOME MEGA GREAT, buuut it seems to help curb the impulse to cheat. I also restrain drinking liquor to the weekends, but being keto means it takes WAY less alcohol to get me turnt. B) I just have to make sure to get unsweetened liquor-liquor, like vodka/rum/tequila/gin.

Saturday: Chili on Cauli Rice

Sunday: Crock Pot Roast and Cauli Mac n Cheese

Monday: Egg Roll in a Bowl

Tuesday: Baked chicken thighs with cauliflower mash and steamed broccoli

Wednesday: Leftover Chili Omelettes, sauteed zucchini with butter and parm

Thursday: Cheeseburgers! With avocado fries and salad.

Friday: Pizza and Salad

(grocery shopping list below the cut, for my own reference)

– Cream Cheese
– Sour Cream
– Blue Cheese

– Salad Greens
– 4 Avocados
– Green onions
– 1 head cabbage, shredded if can find (4 cups worth)
– Minced ginger
– Carrots, shredded if can find – maybe coleslaw mix? (1 cup worth)
– 4 heads cauliflower
– 2 heads broccoli
– Zucchini (enough for one meal side dish)
– Celery (snacking)
– Ground beef/pork/turkey (whatever seems best) 1 lb
– A pot roast
– Chicken thighs

– Celery Salt
– dill
– powdered buttermilk

– Diet sodas


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