I am in mental health land full of bullshit and I have an appointment with a head-shrinker tomorrow and also i am crunk and googling varieties of catfood that are easier on cats who are missing a bunch of teeths like our cat is. 😦 Poor dear!

Also have you ever had a phrase stuck in your head?

WILFRED BORF. All god damn night. Every time I do something new I keep thinking ‘WILFRED BORF’ and I have no idea why



Saturday – Omelettes with sauteed squash
Sunday Roast with cauli mac, salad
Monday Cheeseburger casserole, steamed broccoli on the side
Tuesday – Burrito omelettes with leftover roast meat
Wednesday Slow cooker tikka on cauli rice, steamed broccoli on the side
Thursday – Steaks with cauli mash, broccoli
Friday Pizza with Salad

Grocery list for Fiance:

– A Roast of some variety
– Salad greens (x2 meals, so a bag should be fine)
– Bacon
– Cauliflower x3
– Garam Masala
– 1 can diced tomatoes (lowest sugar you can find)
– I LOVE YOU!!!!
– Cilantro
– Coconut milk
– Steaks (2 for Thursday dinner, you’re cooking)
– Big thing o cheese for pete za
– Broccoli x2 (we have one head still in the fridge)


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