Cheat Day, The (sort of) Second

Yesterday was our (sort of) second cheat day since starting the keto diet.

We decided early on to allow ourselves one day every four weeks, where we can let go of keto and eat the things we’ve been missing that can’t be aptly approximated – or things whose approximations aren’t as good. This means that it’s a lot easier to not angst about all the stuff you’re missing out on, because if you REALLLYYY want a doughnut, you can have one – in four weeks.

Of course, a few weeks back I cracked and we ordered Chinese food, so we decided to break it up mathematically – one week per meal, plus another week for snacks for Cheat Day: Official.

We’re both pretty happy with this, because if we get a crazy craving all of a sudden, it doesn’t Ruin Everything, it’s not Breaking The Diet, it can be worked around. It’s better to stay in ketosis for long periods of time as opposed to ‘cheating’ often, but if we do snap, it’s okay – just delay ‘real’ cheat day for another week, and get the meal you’ve been wanting.

For this Cheat Day, we slept in, and I had a doctor’s appointment that I had to go to, so we indulged in doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, because good god that’s one thing I miss – I rarely ate donuts before keto, but it’s different when you know you -can’t- have them! I had a delicious kruller and I got a second doughnut, but I didn’t really like it, so I had a bite and left the rest uneaten; I also got an iced mocha, because I never get coffee drinks anymore.

Then we went to the theater and saw a terrifying movie, and Fiance indulged in popcorn, one of his favorite snacks and traditional movie theater grub; we actually went to the theater for popcorn, less the movie, though the movie was pretty damn good too.

By that time it was around four, and we went out to our favorite barbecue joint. Now, you’d think a place that serves mostly meat is okay, but unfortunately, barbecue sauce is loaded with carbs, so it was a Cheat Day special. We split up our meals, and ate about half as much as we used to – I got the world’s best cheeseburger with house-made onion straws, on a delicious potato bread bun, he got barbecue ribs and chicken, we both had sweet tea.

It was magnificent. Their customer service is fabulous, too.

We dropped by the grocery store to load up on snacks! I got CHEEESECAKE (which I could approximate pretty easily on keto, but I still haven’t – cream-cheese and sugar free jello based ‘keto fluff’ doesn’t have even close to the same texture!) I also got watermelon and pineapple; oh god had I been craving watermelon! And cookies. A big tub of cookies.

It’s funny, because your tastes change a bit. Everything still tasted great, but the cookies were -really- sweet, I would’ve preferred them a little less sweet?

And finally, for a very late dinner, I got sushi and he got pizza. We had initially planned to share those things, but I had a piece of the pizza and I didn’t want it. It was too bread-y and wasn’t… what I wanted. So I stuck to my sushi and snacks! He ended up eating HALF OF MY EEL ROLL that bastard!!

I definitely overdid it on the cheesecake and fruit. I ate too much, to where I became uncomfortably full; he rather did the same because he piled my sushi on top of his pizza, and felt horribly ill all night, and even into today.

Today, I have ended up not eating. I feel bloated and like my size visibly increased, though there’s plenty enough of me to where it’s hard to really say. I am ashamed of the amount I ate yesterday, and a bit uncomfortable – it was binge-y, and after a certain point, the guilt of eating outweighs the delicious taste. It’s like I’m a little at war with myself, because on one hand, this is the only time I will get to eat these things – for four weeks. On the other hand, what’s the point of improving my health and diet if I don’t take the lessons I learned with me every day, even cheat day?

I started out strong, with not eating when I no longer wanted to eat, and not becoming overly full. Only eating one doughnut (and a really airy doughnut, too!) was a good start; leaving food on my plate at the barbecue joint was a good call, too. It left me pleasantly full, but not overly full, and I still got to enjoy everything.

I think the problem was that as the day wound to a close, I began to feel like I needed to ‘make the most’ of my freedom, and instead of leaving cheesecake and fruit to be thrown away, I felt the compulsion to finish them so that they wouldn’t go to ‘waste’.

The tub of cookies was much less tempting, because I knew Fiance would bring the remnants in to work, but you can’t several half-eaten slivers of different flavored cheesecakes, or half of a watermelon steak – that’d be weird.

Next Cheat Day, Annika will be here with us, and we have similar tastes – meaning I won’t feel obliged to finish all the fruit. It’ll be better, I think.


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