So it was Annika’s first full week of Keto, and I have to say, she’s surprised me.

My first full week, I pretty much whined nonstop about how much I wanted carbs – I wanted popsicles, I craved bagels, pasta, potatoes, a sandwich oh god I would have killed for a sandwich!

But she seems to be doing fine-?

Her energy is definitely high, she’s been enjoying snacking on cheese, and she’s been a huge help with keeping motivated. Since she arrived, we’ve been going for walks together and excitedly spending the whole walk chattering about silly story things, which is great.

I also feel like I, personally, have pushed past a plateau!salad

I don’t have a scale, but this week I have abruptly noticed that I don’t have to hold my head at strange angles to avoid a double-chin when taking pictures of myself. I also noticed when we started walking that I can walk at least three times as far as I could a few months ago, and one of my skirts – a loose one – is now borderline unwearable because it keeps falling off, which is awkward!

I’m really happy about this. Keto is really great.

This week’s dietary winners were –

  • Shepard’s Pie
    • I had a friend over, he couldn’t tell the cauli mash wasn’t potatoes; it was to die for. RJ didn’t care for it, but he’s wrong and weird for that opinion. I ended up adding broccoli, green beans, and omitting carrots completely. It was fabulous.
  • Vietnamese Spicy Cabbage Salad
    • We had this on Saturday, after I’d posted the weekly meal plan. No one was very hungry, so we skipped the Thai pizza, but I made the salad. I skipped the chilis (store didn’t have them) and the chicken (couldn’t be bothered) and I used Erythitol instead of sugar, and ohhh my godddd. It came out so good. Annika and I ate the entire bowl, and proclaimed we wanted it a dozen times more. Even RJ thought it was ‘okay’, which is a real win!
  • Keto Pizza with White Sauce
    • We have Pizza Day on Friday, which is a fun tradition for us, but red sauce is fairly high carb on a crust that’s already a little carbier than normal; RJ wanted us to try a white sauce pizza. I sauteed some garlic and basil in butter, then added a bunch of powder parmesan, then threw in some minced spinach and mushrooms. I poured maybe a half cup of heavy cream over the whole thing, stirred it for a bit, and added a little ricotta left over from RJ’s Hasselback Chicken. Mein Gott! It was so flavorful! I spread that over the crust, topped it with cheese, shredded chicken, and bacon – and it came out so freakin’ good.

As far as the other recipes went – RJ’s Hasselback Chicken was alright, but awfully bland. He wants to give it another try, but this time with much more seasoning and maybe marinating the chicken. Also, wrapping it in bacon. Everything is better with bacon.

The tuna patties were awful. I was really disappointed in them. Guess it’s back to the drawing board on meals involving canned tuna.

Instead of Masaman Curry, I made Panang, and it’s probably the best Thai curry I’ve made on Keto, but it’s just not quite the same without real rice – cauliflower rice doesn’t really absorb.

We’d doing Zoodle Alfredo tonight, I have high hopes for it!

Here’s the plan for the coming week – I have Monday off as a holiday, so I choose slightly more ornate recipes!

Grocery list below the cut.

– Chicken Breasts x1
– Chicken Tenders x1
– Ground Italian Sausage (if low carb) OR Ground Beef

– Shredded Cabbage x2
– Chopped Onions OR 1 Onion
– Cauliflower x2
– Broccoli x1
– Yellow and/or Green Squash, x4
– Spinach x1
– Cilantro

– Real Parm
– Large bag of Mozarella
– Ricotta x2
– Sour Cream
– Cottage Cheese (small should be fine)

– Garlic Powder
– Low Carb as you can find diced tomatoes – x2


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