9/18-9/24 – New and Old

This last week was a very successful keto week, wherein good food was made and happily consumed!

The pumpkin bites were so successful that Fiance actually ate them too – I had to make another batch mid-week! The recipe is largely improvised, loosely based off of looking at other cheesecake recipes. I’ll get it written up on here at some point, but it’s one of those things that’s going to be a little different each time you make it. pumpkin

But just look at how lovely it is! The crust is like a ginger cookie with omega 3 because of the flax seed, and the inside is basically the taste and almost the same texture as a regular pumpkin pie – just creamier.

I’ll probably end up making it again this week.

Another stand out was, of course, the green chicken enchilada casserole, though I’m afraid I made Fiance sick of it as I made way too much and ended up packing it for his lunch every day.

That’s something else I tried this week – typically, Fiance eats out for lunch every day, choosing low-carb but still kind of… nutrient-low options. This week, I packed him a lunch every day made up of enchilada casserole and meat/cheese roll-ups, and whatever random, keto-friendly stuff I had on hand for snacking.

Here’s the plan for this week.

Grocery list below the cut.

– Whole Cauliflower (x3)
– Cabbage Mix (x3)
– Broccoli (x2)
– Salad Mix (maybe wait until later in the week)
– Shallot
– Leek
– Celery
– Onion
– Mint (x2)
– Cilantro (x2)

– Wings (x5)
– Bone-in skin-on Chicken Thighs
– Steak (x2)
– Shrimp
– Chicken Tenders (x1)
– Pork Roast
– Nacho Meat (whatever’s on sale)

– Pizza Cheese
– Heavy Cream (x2)
– Cream Cheese (x3)
– Shredded Cheese
– Eggs (18 ct)

– 10-oz Can Fancy Whole Baby Clams (x3)
– 2 cups worth Clam Juice


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