On Track for November

So last week wasn’t great, not gonna lie.

I got a haircut on Saturday, which makes me feel AMAZINGLY pretty, and I was Too Cute to eat at home, so we went out to eat at a steakhouse … where it went downhill.

They gave us bread in a basket. It was made in house. My will… she is weak…

Still, the bread and steak and french fries were all I ate for the omgsocuteentire day, so — the way I’ve eaten has changed drastically, that’s for sure!

Then on Sunday, I was like, ‘well I’m not in ketosis MIGHT AS WELL’ and bad choices were made, including a sandwich with bread (sob) and pancakes with hot cocoa and eggs and bacon. That being said, those are, again, the only things I ate that day – and I got a good workout going to a haunted forest trail and having the bejeezus scared out of me, so I’ll still call it a win.

Been back on track for this week, though my Plan didn’t get uploaded here largely because I wrote it up, and then I lost it before we even got to the grocery shopping! Meals have been ad-libbed, but – well, we’ve got a pretty great repertoire of easy-to-make keto meals, and lots of good stuff on hand in general, so though we’ve visited the grocery store almost daily (sigh) we’re doing good.

That being said, I’m back on track now, and more inspired than ever; I read an article about what to do to get back on track after ‘cheating’ on keto, and one point that really stuck out to me was ‘eat a salad for breakfast’.

Now, mind, in the context of the article, it meant the day after cheating – which I actually ended up doing on Monday, because we had salad greens and I like salad – but this lead me to give some thought to what I’m doing for breakfasts.

Usually, I fry up between two or three eggs, and if I’m not too lazy, a strip or two of bacon; barring that, I eat almonds or leftovers. After Halloween, we had a shitload of sugar free candy (HOORAY FOR SUGAR ALCOHOL) and I’ve been eating that too, which isn’t a great habit, according to my gaseous innards.

But I really do enjoy a nice salad, and I always feel good about myself when I eat a big plate of vegetables, so – why not set myself up with a ‘salad bar’ option for breakfast this coming week for brunch? As long as I can pack in some fat and protein, it should set me up to do the day right, and increasing my vegetable intake is a positive!

Fiance has also been doing some thinking; he usually gets chicken strips from Royal Farms, which, supposedly, only have 2g net carbs per strip — this doesn’t seem right, but that’s what the nutrition data says, and he loves his chicken strips and is losing more weight than I am, so I guess he’s still in ketosis!

However, it’s expensive, and it’s mostly a convenience thing. So my thought was, why don’t we just make our own favorite pan-seared chicken strips, and have him bring those to work instead? He likes them better, he feels less bad about eating them, and it’s less expensive. Seem like a whole lot of win to me.

So! I’ve got some tasks ahead of me on Sunday!

Throughout the Week:

  • Chicken Tenders for RJ
  • Breakfast Salads for Lara
    • Base of Spring Mix
    • Primary proteins for the salad include:
      • Chopped Hard Boiled Eggs
      • Chopped Lunch Meat
      • Pan-seared Steak Chunks
    • Other Additions:
      • Avocado
      • Jalapenos
      • Olives
      • Mushrooms
      • Blue Cheese
      • Feta
      • Shredded cheese?
    • Topped with:

And on to the Actual meal plan –

Grocery list below the cut.

-Salad Mix (x1 Large Box; more will almost certainly be needed throughout the week, but it goes bad quickly, so just one for now)
– Avocado (x2)
– Sliced Mushrooms (x1)
– Onion (x2)
– Cauliflower (x3)
– ‘Riced’ Cauliflower (x1, or, if cannot find, add +1 head cauliflower)
– Broccoli (x2)
– Celery (x1)
– Cabbage Slaw (x1)
– Cilantro (x1)
– Mint (x1)
– Green Onions (x1)
– Ginger (small nub)

– Lemon Juice (little lemon-shaped squeeze-bottle, should be in produce department)

– Chicken Tenders (x4 packages)
– Thick Sliced Deli Meat (x1 lb, whatever’s on sale and low carb)
– Steak Chunks (x1 package)
– Steak (x2, dinner steaks)
– Steak (x1 lb sirloin to be frozen and sliced thin)
– Chicken Thighs (x1 Package)
– Pork Shoulder (x1)

– Eggs (x2 18 packs)
– Butter (x2 lbs)
– Heavy Cream (x3 small, or 1 large)
– Sour Cream (x1 medium)
– Shredded Cheddar (x1 large or 2 small)
– Blue Cheese Crumbles
– Feta Crumbles

– Pickled Jalapenos
– Sliced Olives (x2 small cans or 1 large)
– Dijon Mustard
– Olive Oil
– Diced Tomatoes (x2 cans)
– Tomato Paste (x1 6 oz can)
– Dried Basil
– Diet Dr. Pepper (Regular, not cherry, need at least 1 can’s worth)

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